So they have conducted a survey in Britain, the undisputed home of Afternoon Tea, to find the top 10 sandwiches preferred by lovers of Afternoon Tea.

Combining their results with some very loosely conducted research of my own, for I don’t want to just copy and paste the fruits of others labour, I have come up with my own top 5, that reflects the taste-bud preferences of those of us on the Emerald Isle.

I’ve chosen a Top 5 because let’s face it, a Top 10 of sandwich preference is just stretching it a bit. Anything after 6 is just being put in there to make up numbers.

No.1 Is the salmon and cream cheese on brown soda bread. Unanimous on both isles, perhaps due to it’s being a superfood and us both being island nations.

No.2 Is the egg mayo and chive on white, which one would think is punching well above it’s weight given the ordinariness of it’s ingredients.

No.3 Is the ham and mustard on rye bread, a solid contender, full of substance yet lacking in pretension.

No.4 Is the cucumber sandwich. Surely this only makes it in here on the basis that it is synonymous with the very tradition of Afternoon Tea?? I mean, hands up who would be delighted to be made a cucumber sandwich under any other circumstances??

No.5 Is the chicken and mayo. We’d like to see this one sexied up a little by injecting a little chilli into the mayo and serving it on a homemade white soda griddle bread.

There you have it, a loosely accurate list. Feel free to improve the accuracy of this list by contributing your own two pence worth.

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