Last week, we had the pleasure of working for the lovely people at MKC Communications to create a right buzz at the latest Google Home product launch here in Dublin.


On arrival

We don’t always get to see a photo of or visit the location where we will be working, but we like surprises here at the Beehive and they’re generally nice ones. Imagine our surprise then when we arrived at the given address to find an enormous building site; noisy, dusty, full of men in hard hats, and not a finished building in sight! Luckily, the builders were the nicest chaps, and they found us a parking spot, helped us unload the Beemobile, and locate the one finished show apartment where we would be setting up the event. They may or may not have been helping on the promise of cake.

The show apartment was amazing by the way, and part of the Lansdowne Place development of stunning luxury apartments and penthouses. If you have a million or three to spare you should think about a new Dublin pad.  


Launching Google Home

The launch was a successful marrying together of technology and tradition. The timeless treat of the SocialBee Afternoon Tea experience was enjoyed as journalists from all the major technology and lifestyle publications came together to hear about these new smart Google devices, which are going to revolutionise your life and make it even easier to do things from the comfort of your sofa.  

This Bee was particularly delighted to see that the Google Home User experience lead is an Irish woman, Triona Butler, who hails from Tipperary but is living in Silicon Valley. She explains the real benefit of the technology: ‘’As a nation we’ve always put friends and family first, and these devices will help continue that tradition by freeing up time to spend with the ones we love.”

Well now she completely won me over with that sentiment. The problem has been that we have allowed technology to swallow up so much of our precious time, and become less connected to one another in real ways, despite being hyper-connected 24/7. But if we can learn to use the technology to free us up to spend more time on the things that are important, like conversations for the sake of conversation, phoning a friend, calling round to family, meeting for a cup of tea, then I am willing to embrace it.


Simplicity in the styling

For the Afternoon Tea set up and styling, we pared back the vintage shabby chic look, and went for a cleaner, more modern look, with a yellow John Lewis runner and floral placements to complement the modern luxurious feel of the show apartment.

Wexford strawberries are coming into season, and we love love love them. There truly is nothing like a Wexford strawberry. It is one of the best things about making the trip down to the homeland in County Cork during the summer as there are stalls selling these bright red berry beauties on the side of the road. They have a sweetness and tanginess that is divine and more-ish. We love to use them at our summer events.

We also used champagne saucers to serve the bubbles in, as it added a timeless classy touch. Think Audrey Hepburn in the ‘50s. Our favourite summer tea is the Clement and Pekoe White Tea with Rosemary and Lemon. Light and refreshing, and supremely hydrating, it is our go to tea when the sun is shining. White tea is quite a delicate tea, and naturally has very little caffeine in it which also makes a tasty alternative to herbals.


Not being a big-head 

We were delighted with the praise we got from the client after the event, and we are learning to be very un-Irish about dealing with compliments and instead to accept them gracefully:

‘’Everything was fantastic last week – you even managed to impress our director, who isn’t easily impressed!’’

If your company has a product or service they would like to launch, let’s chat. We love a good chat.