There has been a renaissance of sorts happening around Afternoon Tea the last few years. This timeless occasion and delightful treat is enjoying a long moment in the spotlight. For those of us who loved Afternoon Tea even before it became trendy to, here are 9 things that only the most dedicated amongst us will understand.

1. Sharing a teapot with others can be a minefield. Some like it stewed, some like it weak. What if it’s not hot enough? The only way to have a goldilocks moment of it being just right for everyone might be for everyone to have their own pot.

2. The element of surprise is one of the the most exciting aspects of Afternoon Tea. We don’t need to know the particulars of what will be on our tiered cake stands. We expect a layer of sandwiches, a tier of scones with jam and cream, and a whole lot of sweetness and delight atop it all. Keep the rest of it as a delicious surprise for us, like finding out the sex of our baby. As long as the three tiers are healthy and robust and cute as a button, then we are happy diners.

3. Waiting is part of the experience. Waiting for the day to come, for you will no doubt have booked your Afternoon Tea experience weeks in advance. Waiting for the tiers to come out, and oohing and aahing when they do. Waiting for the tea leaves to brew. All that waiting makes it all the more delightful, and gives you time to relax, and chat.

4. Speaking of chat, you won’t believe how long you sat and chatted for. There’s something about the unrushed, timeless nature of Afternoon Tea, that truly relaxes us and puts us at ease. We forget about the busy world outside of our table, and we immerse ourselves completely in the oasis of loveliness relaxation and conversation that is happening around us.

5. The little details are important. From the napkins and the tablecloths, to the sugar cubes and the milk jugs, and the tea leaves and tea strainer. The small details are the sum of the parts of the Afternoon Tea experience. They are the things that surprise and delight. With these small details, you know you are being treated.

6. Tea really does taste better in china. Our grannies knew many a thing that we have long forgotten. Tea, made with leaves, in a china teapot, and served in china teacups, tastes better. That is an undisputable fact. And if you don’t believe it, go challenge a granny on it!

7. It’s not a proper Afternoon Tea if there’s no egg mayo sandwich. I don’t care how modern or cutting edge you are trying to be with your Afternoon Tea offering, some things are not up for debate or compromise, and the classic beloved, immensely satisfying egg mayonnaise sandwich as an Afternoon Tea staple, is one of them.

8. Scones are eaten with jam and cream. Not butter and marmalade, or margarine and honey. Jam and cream people. Traditionally strawberry, but I have a fondness for raspberry myself. This too is an undisputed given. Whether you jam first or cream first, if up to you though. 

9. Let’s not even get started on possible areas of heated contention… scalding the pot, jam or cream first, milk or tea first, sweet or savoury first, pinkies up or down!

dedicated Afternoon Tea lovers