How do we measure ‘a good life’?

When we get to our 80th birthday celebrations, what will be the things we are most proud of?

Yesterday, SocialBee events helped a family surprise their mam with an 80th birthday Afternoon Tea party in her home. The home was where the family had been for 60 years; a big, old, rambling country manor house, full of warmth, worn with people, completely lived in.

An 80th birthday is a gorgeous occasion to be present at; for it brings together young and old, family and friends, those loved ones seldom seen but much loved. They gather to celebrate a life lived, a friendship dearly valued, a parent who has shaped lives with their direction, support and encouragement.

From the little ones in their Sunday best, tearing up and down the hall squealing in delightful play, to the older ones with dodgy hips and bothersome knees who are content to sit and chat and reminisce, the occasion was a wonderful cacophony of conversation and laughter.

We have much to learn from those who get to 80. They have been through the obstacle course that is live and come through the other side, and they know what’s important. Observe any 80 year old you know. Their days are filled with activity and chatter. They love chatting with people, and are genuinely curious and interested to know and learn more about others. They care, deeply, about the people in their lives, are always available for them and will make time for them when they call.

We don’t have to wait until someone gets to 80 to gather friends and family together for a celebration. Afternoon Tea is the perfect event for family gatherings, universally pleasing and a natural conversation conduit. So make a family affair of it, and start planning your next Afternoon Tea occasion today.