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Do you want to advertise your upcoming event? SocialBee offers a full advertising package for all events in exchange for cost-effective rates.

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SocialBee’s advertising ensures organic engagement and promotion. We mainly utilize magazine and social media advertising for all of our campaigns. We leverage our community of readers for extra momentum through social media sharing.

We have more than 56,000 readers daily and we produce new content daily. Our readers are scattered all over Ireland and nearby countries. We’ve recorded great results from all of our previous campaigns.

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We have an entire team of creative professionals engaged in various fields such as copywriting, social media specialists, graphic designers, videographers, and marketing analysts. Talk to us today and we can push through with your ad campaign tomorrow.

We will make sure that you are part of every step as we materialize all of your ideas into advertising content. We offer only one advertising package and it includes circulation on both our magazine and social media platforms.

Click here to read more about our advertising package. We want to make sure that you get all your preferences that fit your budget and objectives. If you want further ad services or add-ons, you can connect with us at today or visit our contact us page.

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