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SocialBee is Ireland’s number 1 magazine about events communication, events management, and events marketing. It informs and educates people about the basics of events management down to the most technical communication strategies to ensure efficiency and productivity before, during, and after an event.

SocialBee: Day 1

The magazine SocialBee was created by theoretical mathematician Ava Hawkins back on December 20, 2010. Hawkins’ career in science didn’t pave well as there aren’t many opportunities where she was living.

In efforts to make a life for herself, Hawkins applied for a marketing assistants’ job at a local marketing firm in the city. When it comes to marketing, Hawkins is a natural and she is gifted when it comes to building trust and relationships with people.

Just weeks before some of the biggest Christmas events in her area, Hawkins, shared some of her insights in events planning and events communication. She shared it all through a blog that went live on December 20, 2010.

After that, the SocialBee blog got more than 12,000 readers after only 7 months.

SocialBee Today

SocialBee today is a full-on magazine that distributes the latest trends and innovations in the field of events management and communication. We produce content helping other events organizers maximize their manpower, budget, and other resources.

Events Management

We specialize in all sorts of events may it be for celebration, business-related, weddings, conferences, and so much more. The fundamentals we share about events management is predicated on our knowledge and nearly a decade of experience in events organizing.

Events Communication

Events communication involves not only the organizers, event principals and other assets. It involves everyone participating either as a guest or as a locator. Events communication starts when the event is first being planned until its very end.

SocialBee magazine provides informative content on how you and your team of organizers can maximize your communication assets and tools.

Events Marketing

Events marketing is the positioning and promoting of an event to potential attendees/guests or confirmed participants. SocialBee has a lot of information to share on how to property and strategically distribute/circulate a marketing campaign that will be well engaged.

SocialBee Magazine

In a nutshell, SocialBee is your number 1 choice of information and updates if you want to learn everything about events management and communications. We also offer training and seminars for aspiring events professionals looking to strive in this field of work.

We also provide marketing training and education to help people, especially aspiring marketing specialists learn everything we can teach them. Contact us today.